Thursday, July 22, 2010

The last socks you'll ever want to buy.

Stroke Socks.  These are amazing socks.  Socks you actually ask for at Christmas time.  Socks that make your "business casual" more like "business awesome."  These striped socks are durable as heck and rarely get you chastised when you are breaking dress code.  They come in 17 different color patterns, including two in shorter sizes. I regularly wear mine when I need to wear a suit. They are the perfect trouser socks for work shoes, but also line a boot nicely. Stroke Socks: you want them. Trust me.

The back story is pretty sweet too: J. Stroke is a designer/audio composer who felt that socks were lacking in many areas.  So he designs a few socks and can't keep them in stock.  Ten years later, he's still selling socks and continues to amaze (at least this reviewer).

Stroke Sock about page
Twitter of the guy who introduced me to Stroke Socks

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