Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amanda Palmer: Rockin' the Ukulele

I have a friend who joined the circus and he is a big fan of Amanda Palmer. The circus fact isn't actually relevant to this post, but has always impressed me nonetheless. Today he got pretty excited about the release of Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele. She released 1000 copies of a red vinyl album, and I'm happy to report that my friend managed to reserve one. I was sadly too slow to act to get the LP (which is now on my wish list) but am pretty excited to download the digital version ($0.84 – ??). Ms. Palmer is allowing her fans to pay as little as 84¢ for the download, but they have the option to pay more. Good business model? Maybe not, but it does nothing to diminish her fans' loyalty.

It's Ukulele Time! website
Amanda Palmer on Twitter
My friend who is no longer with the circus on Twitter

Note: I thought I would do a Music Monday theme and was actually really excited that I had two weeks in a row with music ideas, but then realized that Monday was yesterday. Now the goal will be to have some music every week, though it won't always be on the same day. For this to happen, I need constant recommendations. I can't rely on my circus friend to be the sole provider of musical advice (though, I do admit he has a pretty good nose for such things. Or ear. Or two ears even...). So please send any new bands, songs, or otherwise musical ideas that you're digging to 4ambooks@gmail.com and I'll give it a listen!

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