Saturday, July 24, 2010

Batter Blaster: Fun, Organic and Pancakes??

I don't know if this happens much to others, but I have a habit of dating guys whose mothers I get along with, usually to the point that I end up missing them more than I do my ex-boyfriends. One of these wonderful ladies introduced me to Batter Blasters. Her son and I were so inspired by the idea, we drove an hour out of our way to find a few cans. Nowadays you can find them in most Meijer stores.

These pancakes are delicious. Think if someone took a can of Easy Cheese, but instead of processed cheese they fill it with organic pancake mix. Tasty pancakes on demand! Fewer dishes! No "we're-out-of-eggs-how-are-we-going-to-make-pancakes" emergencies. Just heat your griddle or waffle iron, point and ...blast!

Perfect for Saturday mornings!

Batter Blasters website (with video instructions)

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