Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, a good day for Oysters

I am moving in a couple weeks and that means another housewarming party. I don't want to have just any party either, I want an oyster bar. Thank goodness this is possible to throw together thanks to Island Creek Oysters. You can order 100 oysters ($100) and have them at your door the next day. I already have a shucking glove and can make my own ice, why not shoot some oysters to celebrate a new home?

The Island Creek Oyster crew is awesome. Check a few of them out on Twitter:
Owner Skip Bennett
Shore Gregory (main ICO Twitter feed)
CJ Husk (Oyster Dude)
David Grossman
Erin Murray who also has a blog delightfully named Shucked

They offer oyster in many different combinations: dozen, three dozen, 100 count, plus they sell t-shirts, hats, shucking knives and gloves. If you eat fresh oysters in a local restaurant, there is a chance that Island Creek Oysters provided them with their seafood.

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