Saturday, October 9, 2010

All about the maps

I am really good at finding my way around. I think this is because I was taught about the cardinal directions at an early age and I mastered the art of reading maps. The thing is, maps can be pretty messy. There are usually a bunch of extra lines when you don't need them and not enough detail when you do. For those of us who enjoy simple maps, Chris Yates has created an Interstate Map ($16), similar to a subway map. It shows all the major interstates in the US in a convenient, easy-to-follow design (caution: exits not included).

Also on my wish list is a detailed street map of Lexington. It's handy for creating running routes and when framed can look pretty cool on you wall. Rand McNally lets you create your own map ($99-349), but a simple city map ($6) will probably do me.

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