Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wishing for an Axe.

This weekend I finally got around to the honey-dos that have been on my list since December.  The first task was to hang a screen door so that we can leave the kitchen door open once it warms up again. We purchased an 80" t-bar door ($20, Home Depot) for an 85" frame, which gives the cats enough space to come and go.  To keep the bugs out, I attached some extra screen to the foot of the door with a staple gun.

I was pretty please with myself until I realized that the door sticks in the upper corner, just enough to be annoying. We live in a fairly old home, so it's no surprise that the door frames aren't perfectly square. Hoping to trim enough wood off the door to fix the problem, I dug though the Trader Joe's tote that holds my tools and the best I came up with was fine sand paper and a box cutter. Twenty minutes later, I found myself calling for an axe.

Though I've mentioned the axes from at Best Made Company, what I really want is something smaller, such as the Swiss Camping Axe ($39). Though I'm sure the proper tool for this particular job is a plane, I think an axe would be handy around the house or, as the name implies, while camping.

Source: Garrett Wade

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