Friday, November 19, 2010

Is it a briefcase? Is it a record player?

I've been drooling over the Briefcase USB Turntable ($100) for a good minute now, and today I find out that it's on sale for $69.99! How badass is this? You could get a pair of handcuffs and be all secret-agent-like (and only play killer songs).

My puns are horrible. Still, this turntable is amazing: portable, USB ready, three speeds, built-in speakers. Sure, it isn't the lightest briefcase out there, but imagine rolling up to your board meeting (ok, weekly staff meeting) and busting this bad boy out. Last week's minutes? Who cares, the Stones are rocking out the conference room.

I will say, having a turntable of my own has changed the way I appreciate music. I can only imagine being able to share that with everyone else as I tote this around.

Thank you, thank you. 

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