Saturday, September 25, 2010

For those of us still Analog

I do not have a smart phone.  My phone is rather stupid, actually. It turns off by accident, it can't buzz and play a ringtone at the same time, and the charger is mostly broken. But the important thing for the purpose of this post is for you to know that I don't have a smart phone, iPad, Zune, iPod touch/nano, or any other application-friendly gadget. When I listen to the radio, it actually comes from a radio. This means that when I'm driving from Kentucky to Iowa, I change the stations every hour or so once the static becomes unbearable.  If I don't have a book on CD (Harry Potter, ftw), then I usually prefer National Public Radio to keep me awake on long drives. How will I be able to find a new NPR station without losing part of the conversation?

There's a map for that.

The NPR map ($10) covers the whole country and includes both FM and AM frequencies along all major highways. You'll never drive alone again, hunting furiously for the best station during "Car Talk." No more lamenting that you missed five minutes of Michele Norris. Thanks to the folks at radio maps, you're covered, even without the help of some fancy smart phone.

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